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About the Founder - Sahil Pandita

In the vibrant tapestry of life, Sahil Pandita has woven a remarkable journey that defies the ordinary. Today, he stands strong with his entrepreneurial success, owning and operating six diverse businesses spanning hotels, restaurants, education, and legal services. But Sahil's story is not just about his achievements; it's a testament to resilience, determination, and a relentless pursuit of dreams against all odds.

Born in 1995 into a Kashmiri Pandit family during a period of rebuilding after the exodus, Sahil's early years were marked by struggle in Chandigarh. As the younger of two siblings, he was known for his independent spirit, often charting his own course. Despite facing challenges and doubts, Sahil's decision to drop out of school in 11th grade was a pivotal moment that set him on a path less traveled. His journey into the world of hospitality began at just 16, working as a Hotel Operations Trainee at Clarks Inn Group, where he balanced work with his pursuit of education.

His early experiences in the hospitality industry ignited a passion which led him to pursue a sponsored bachelor's degree, fueling his knowledge base. His dedication to the industry led him to pursue further education at a globally renowned institution, solidifying his knowledge and expertise. Sahil gained valuable experience at top hotels like ITC, Hyatt, and Taj, where he quickly climbed the ranks, becoming the youngest hotel asset manager in the history of Taj and Hyatt. Sahil's success wasn't just about hard work; it was also about the support and inspiration he received from his mentors. This encouragement pushed him to start his own business, and in 2017, he founded ProMiller, marking the beginning of an incredible journey.

Sahil Pandita has significantly expanded his business portfolio, venturing into hotels, restaurants, education, and legal services. Through ProMiller, he offers cutting-edge managed services tailored for independent hotels. His distinctive hospitality vision is exemplified by Hotel Auro Maison in Pondicherry and The Unallome in Goa, both of which provide unique guest experiences. In 2023, Sahil co-founded The Crazy Plant Lady, a sustainability-focused café in Ahmedabad that aligns with his commitment to environmental consciousness. Additionally, in 2020 he founded Vyapaar Pundit, an online platform offering legal services and The School To Lead Foundation, reflecting his dedication to enhancing educational opportunities.

As of now, Sahil Pandita is directly responsible for the livelihood of over 500 individuals. His vision is rooted in investing in people, serving as a mentor to guide them towards their highest potential, much like his own mentors did for him. Sahil's true measure of success lies not in building a 100 crore empire, but in creating 100 individuals who are each worth 100 crores, embodying his belief in the power of human potential and growth.

In line with this vision, Sahil's PR team has created the Instagram page @gyanbysahil, dedicated to nurturing India's talent and fostering growth. This page aims to share Sahil's wisdom and perspectives, helping future leaders navigate through life. His mission is to provide valuable viewpoints, assisting individuals in forming their unique opinions and ultimately finding their path. 

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